Zahid Qureshi is all set to make a comeback in the entertainment industry!

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Looking to make a comeback in the drama industry with a bang, Zahid Qureshi is all set to begin his new innings from Karachi.

The versatile actor started his acting career back in 1978, with many small plays and drama serials that went on air on PTV, the classic channel which raised most of the big names in the industry. One famous drama serial that he appeared in from that era is “Teesra Kinnara”, that is remembered even today for its theme song titled “Kabhi hum khoobsoorat thay” sung by the melodious Nayyara Noor.

During 1981-1984, Zahid Qureshi worked with the Punjab Council of Arts for the introduction of dramas within Punjab, through theater. The acclaimed actor was also nominated for the best actor PTV award for his stunning work for the industry.

However, Zahid Qureshi happens to be most famous for his absolutely on par impersonation of former president of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari. While its hard to miss the striking resemblance between the two, Zahid Qureshi did a great job also mimicking the voice, character and personality of Zardari. He performed this role initially in the comedy program “Hum sab umeed se hain” aired on GEO TV, and later moved to channel 24 for the same purpose but a different program titled “Kiu Kay Jamhooriyat hai”.

Recently, Zahid Qureshi is appearing in quiet a few serials going on air, which include “Muthi bhar Chahat”, “Emaan” as well as “Uraan”. Currently he is busy in Karachi with the recording of drama serial “jhooti” which is being directed by Syed Ramesh Rizvi. Zahid Qureshi will be sharing the stage with other big names including Iqra Aziz, Yasir Hussain and Ahmed Ali Butt.

All set to make a comeback in the industry, Zahid Qureshi is an actor with unrivaled acting skills. We wish him all the best for his upcoming ventures!

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Zahid Qureshi is all set to make a comeback in the entertainment industry!

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