Will “Resham Gali ki Husna” manage to replace Hum TV’s epic hit “Suno Chanda”?

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Pakistani Dramas are acknowledged worldwide for their amazing content (when we are not trying to work for ratings!) and a prized collection of many versatile actors. Unfortunately however, the praise is meant only for specific genres, and can under no circumstances be extended to the category of comedy sitcoms or serials.

During this Ramzan and the last year’s one, we witnessed after a long time, a sincere attempt at uplifting the comedy genre of our entertainment industry by HUM TV. With Suno Chanda and Suno Chanda 2, we finally had a few hearty laughs that were long over due. When Suno Chanda 2 came to an end this Eid, it felt as if so did our chance at watching a good comedy serial.

But then there comes a light of hope, in the form of “Resham Gali ki Husna”, featuring another love story woven into a network of a typical “Desi” neighborhood. The serial has been written by Hassan Imam and directed by Kamran Akbar Khan. Hoping to act as a replacement for Suno Chanda, the drama serial so far manages to put up a good show.

Unlike Suno Chanda, Resham Gali ki Husna has recruited some of the budding actors and actresses and given them a chance to truly unleash their talent. Our star in the drama, Inayat Khan who recently made his debut in Pakistan’s film industry through the movie Jackpot, appears as a positive character within a middle class neighborhood, known for its deadly fights yet unwavering love for each other. The handsome young lad has managed to captivate many hearts already, lets see how far he goes with this serial!

Inayat Khan’s on screen partner would be played by another new face, Komal Meer, the much loved and admired contestant of Miss Veet. Komal appears to be another positive character, who aims at spreading love and putting an end to fights.

Its our chance to be looking at potentially another blockbuster on-screen couple cause the two do look good together!

So guys, we have our fingers crossed. We definitely want this one to make its way into our hearts; as for the budding actors, they have already made their marks!

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