Ranveer Singh had us awe-struck with his striking resemblance to Kapil Dev in “83”

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So guys, the news is out… Ranveer Singh will be playing the role of Kapil Dev, also known as the Hurriyana Hurricane, in his upcoming movie named “83”.

Ranveer Singh recently shared the first look to his character on his birthday, in an Instagram post.

The thing that stood out was Ranveer’s striking resemblance to the former Indian Cricketer Kapil Dev, on whose successful career the story line of the film is based. One cant help but notice the eerily similar mustache and the same hairstyle!

Many know Kapil Dev as the Hurriyana Hurricane, which helped sweep up the World Cup in 1983. Known to be one of the best all rounder of his time, Kapil Dev’s 175 score against Zimbabwe, almost single handedly helped India secure the cricket World cup. He is also accredited for bringing pace to the Indian bowling, something that was not expected of an Indian bowler. With a record of over 400+ wickets for his team, the cricketer is recognized as one of the legends in Indian cricket history.

Ranveer also shared how he and the entire team has been hitting the gym and practicing with the cricketers to take on the persona and character of the athletes. Their energy in the field is evident in the Instagram post Ranveer shared!

The movie 83 will hit the big screens on 10th April 2020.

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