Paray Hut Love – Will it be a Blockbuster or get busted instead?

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Taking our first look at the trailer of Asim Raza’s film “Paray Hut Love”, we were faced with conflicting feelings. It left us undecided on whether to call off the trailer as one promising the success of the film or predicting another doom for the Pakistan’s film industry.

So we decided to examine it critically!

We started off by questioning ourselves that if there were ever to be a checklist to determine how successful any movie has been as soon as it hits the big screen, which factors would stand out. So we not only made the checklist but also used it as a template for examining “Paray Hutt Love”. 

Pretty faces….? Check

A Star studded cast….?Check

Cinematography to die for….? Check

Enviable production….?Check

High budget sets…?Check

If this checklist was to be holistic, our analysis would have been one predicting imminent success of the movie. However the sinking feeling within one’s gut which says, nah something’s missing, had us rule that option out and examine deeper. Which was when we realized that we have been missing out on a crucial factor.

Story line….?  Un-check

That’s right guys.

Even after having pretty faces such as Zara Noor Abbas, Maya Ali and Mahira Khan(guest appearance), along with our very handsome veteran actors Shaheryar Munawar and Fawad Khan(guest appearance) as the star cast, the story line in particular seems to be given little or no conscious thought!

Or perhaps, the trailer absolutely failed to convey even the gist of it.

An impressive cast undoubtedly helps captivate the audience. It speaks without words that the said film needs to be taken seriously. And let’s just admit it, we all love seeing our favorite actors blow the stage away with their terrific performances!

But we all remember the fate of Karan Johar’s “Kalank”, which had the sensational Alia Bhutt and Varun Dhawan in lead roles with an approximate budget of 250 crore! Bad content led it straight down the drain.

Talking about the cast in particular, we would have liked to see Shaheryar Munawar in a somewhat different role. As can be seen in the trailer, it feels like Shaheryar has somehow ended up trapped in his character in “7 din Mohabbat in” and is having a hard time coming out of it. An actor of his par needs to be tested with versatile roles.

Also, why does the trailer tends to center around Shaheryar? Why does the women including Maya and Zara look like they are making a guest appearance rather than starring? Maya’s acting added the much needed spice to Ahsan Rahim’s “Teefa in trouble”. Directors should be looking to tap their acting skills rather than their fan following based on pretty faces.

Also, did anyone notice the very “Shaadi-like” feels of the movie? It has started to become a trademark though, starting from “Tarang’s” ad, leading all the way to “Lux’s” and making an entry into our film industry via “Ho mann Jahan”. The vibrant colorful frames actually give a lot of positive vibes, if used smartly without overdoing it.

Pakistani film industry has long been inspired by Bollywood, there is no denying the fact. We however, need to understand that even in India, no film gains viewership unless the content speaks for itself. There are numerous examples of it and we need to learn from them. Content is undoubtedly the king in film making; how can we ignore it so blatantly and then expect our masterpiece to work out brilliantly? 

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