Hum TV’s “Resham Gali ki Husna” off to a flying start!

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We all need a light and easy going kind of entertainment after returning from a busy day at work. However, Pakistan’s entertainment industry has made a slow progress in the matter. Our comedy genre had suffered at the hands of immature comedians and writers alike. Hum TV however gave us hope last year with “Suno Chanda”, which rekindled our thirst for more. Needless to mention, Suno Chanda 2 failed miserably to live up to the hype it had previously created.

When the trailer to Resham Gali ki Husna came, we could tell it would be an instant hit. Stories featuring a close knitted neighbourhood, one that almost all of the “desi Pakistanis” can relate to, rekindles beautiful memories of a past long gone. The experience itself is nostalgic and one wants to see more of it. Other than that, the story is quiet relatable thanks to another brown family culture being portrayed which shows how parents often assume strict and lenient roles towards their kids.

But what stood out, was undoubtedly the energy of the main leads, Komal and Inayat. They absolutely nailed the benchmark set by Farhan and Iqra Aziz in Suno Chanda. (Mind that the same energy was visibly missing in SUno Chanda 2, which is why we didn’t enjoy it as much)

Going strong with its first episode absolutely raiding the game of ratings, Resham Gali ki Husna looks to be a promising serial. A sweet story line with jokes that actually makes us laugh, it wont be wrong to admit that the serial has won our hearts.

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