Firdous Jamal’s wins the twitter fight over the Mahira Khan low par acting controversy!

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Social media is becoming quite active, with a new controversy springing up every few days to keep us occupied, while we mull over it. The most recent one includes Firdous Jamal’s comments on Mahira Khan’s acting skills and age on a television show. Pakistan seems to be divided in opinion, where some in the audience backlash Firdous Jamal for his apparently sexist comments, while others support the veteran actor and defends his right to express his opinion.

Just a quick backstory check – Firdous Jamal was asked by Faysal Qureshi on his TV show to give some advice to the “Raees” actress, Mahira Khan, to which the extremely talented actor replied:

“She is not heroine material she is a mediocre model. She is not a good actress and not a heroine. She is old and in this age she should be playing role of a mother not heroine”

That was quite blunt – ! This isn’t really the first instance of co-stars coming out at each other on social media. Hina Iltaf went on to term Muneeb Butt as a “bad actor” in a television show ironically named “To be honest”, to which there was quite a backlash by Minal and Aimen Khan. Similarly the Bulbulay star Mehmood Aslam termed Hamza Ali Abbasi a bad actor in an interview with Ahsan Khan on a TV show.

Coming back to the case of Mahira Khan and Firdous Jamal, twitter has been brimming with opinions over the controversy. Firdous Jamal however is to date, leading the fight with most viewers backing his opinion.

Veena Malik went on to talk about how some of the actors who are calling him out have a comparatively small list of credentials when compared with Firdous Jamal.

Many in the audience are of the opinion that being a veteran actor and extremely talented at his work, Firdous Jamal has the right to criticize his juniors.

The stance of most other Television icons is however quite different from the popular view. Majority of our actors and actresses are raising their voices in Mahira’s support, terming Firdous Jamal’s comments as sexist and inappropriate. Humayun Saeed was quick to praise Mahira over her extremely diligent work ethics.

Mirza Gohar Rasheed was of the opinion that senior actors like Firdous sahab should be more encouraging towards his junior counterparts so that the television industry can flourish.

Facing alot of backlash by the audience, Faysal Qureshi came out in an attempt to clarify that what Firdous Sahab said was his own opinion and that he or his show had no part in it.

While Firdous Jamal sahab explicitly shared his opinion on a public platform, Asma Abbas, the famous “Ranjha Ranjha kerdi” actress went on to call out the actor and quite disrespectfully asked him for accountability.

We believe another apology should be well under its way!

That’s all for now. It looks like Firdous Sahab is winning the twitter fight with more people speaking out in his favor than Mahira’s. However, since the trend is expected to circulate the media for a while longer, lets see how it turns out. Also, we haven’t heard anything from Mahira regarding the issue. Lets wait and see how she responds to it, if she does!

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