Asad Jabal all set to make history with his upcoming drama serial “Malal-e-yaar”

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Featuring a modern family trapped within the clutches of a typical feudal based rural system, drama serial “Malal-e-yaar” is all set to go on air soon on HUM TV. Why the drama serial looks promising is primarily thanks to its extremely impressive teasers that have been released recently. With Malal-e-Yaar coming under the production house of Moomal Entertainment, which is led by Moomal Shunaid herself, we have the necessary guarantee of an amazing content.

That however is not the only reason for Malal-e-yaar’s predictable success. When a ship manages to sail a difficult sea, the success is normally credited to the captain of the ship. In the case of drama serials, the scenario isn’t much different whereby the director is the uncontested captain of the ship. Malal-e-yaar has the advantage of being directed by the extremely talented Asad Jabal, who has a distinguished portfolio of directing blockbuster serials. “Mera Rab Waris” is just one of the many ships that this captain has helped sail successfully towards the shore.

Huma Hina Nafees has been credited with the script writing of Malal-e-yaar while Sharjeel Chaudary is the production head. Tell me again, do we have any reason to doubt the project’s success?

Coming to the leads, we have the gorgeous Azekah Daniel playing the role of an extremely outspoken and determined woman named Hooriya who vows to stand against injustice caused by the ongoing feudal system. Caught in the vicious cycle of long standing traditions such as childhood engagements, Hooriya is seen as a rebel who would just not stand down. We have seen Azekah perform brilliantly in her previous drama serials, and the most applaudable are the more recent ones such as “Cheekh”. We have high expectations of Azekah and the teasers do little to mar those expectations!

Next in line is Zain Baig as Balaj, son of a feudal ruler and the perfect example of a spoilt brat. The teasers however reveal that Hooriya and Balaj constant bickering and fighting would turn into a beautiful love story and we simply cant wait to see the couple on air!

The rest of the cast includes Maryam Noor, Zainab Shabbir and Faraz Frooqui who look to have been caught in a love triangle in the serial. Moreover we have Jahanzeb Gurchani, Seemi Pasha, Natasha Ali and Humera Bano. It would be particularly interesting to see the “O Rangreza” and “Seerat” star Hamza Firdous make a cameo appearance in Malal-e-yaar. Lets wait and watch what each of these characters have in store for us!

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