Allegations of Domestic violence on Mohsin Abbas Haider – true or false?

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Just when we couldn’t quiet wrap our minds around the sexual harassment allegations against the famous vlogger UKhano, and the debates in and against his favor were still making rounds; another heart shattering confession made its way into the social media.

Moshin Abbas Haider, the famous singer cum actor/ model was alleged of domestic abuse by his wife Fatema Sohail, who took to Facebook to raise voice against the injustice.

Allegations of sexual harassment on Ali Zafar

Allegations of sexual harassment on Ukhano

And now allegations of domestic abuse and cheating on Mohsin Abbas Haider…

If one starts to notice, there are certain common patterns to all these stories. Starting off with the #Metoo movement, it looks like alot of women are now willing to com forth and demand their rights. But the fact that famous men from the industry are bearing the major brunt of it – is that a coincidence or some kind of publicity stunt? Or is it that fame, glitz, glamour and glory usually associated with the media industry has actually helped these men in their darkest desires?

For one, Moshin Abbas Haider doesn’t agree… In a talk with a new channel, Mohsin expressed his relief that the matter has finally come out so that now he can present his version of truth, as well as get rid of this toxic relationship that he had with his wife.

Revealing no further, Mohsin Abbas Haider has left us even more confused than before. Apparently, he was expecting this to happen from some three years, which makes us wonder has he been planning a comeback for a potential threat since three years, or whether it came as a surprise to him too?

Since its too early to make any speculations and tag anyone guilty, all we can do is wait for Mohsin Abbas Haider’s side of the story. And well, whatever the case might be, its time that whoever is proven guilty, whether the alleged or the declarant, should be brought to justice!

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