A Worldwide breakdown of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp…

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If you too have noticed that the pics along with some stories dont seem to load on Instagram, dont jump to conclusions and blame PTCL for this one too!

Its certainly not your internet connection that’s creating problems. It is however a worldwide breakdown of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, causing rather weird set of problems.

We call this weird because instead of a global outage of facebook taking place, the issue seems to be rather specific. For example in most cases, you would find a certain page would load and work totally fine, however certain photos in it or posts would not show.

Similarly, people are also reporting trouble in posting pictures and stories on Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. Voice message and videos either dont show up, or fail to load.

There also people who report inability too access their accounts. That must be frustrating considering the amount of time we all spend sifting through the various posts.

The good point however is that the problem hasn’t effected the texting part as yet, because users are able to text and receive messages on all three of the social media sites.

Considering the massive outrage by the global media, the responsible teams for their respective sites are currently working to bring the problem down. In the meanwhile, twitter has become the most sought after respite stands resolute against such social media breakdowns.

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A Worldwide breakdown of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp…

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    When will it be okay?

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