A Roller Coaster Ride through the emotional OST’s of year 2019:

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OSTs have a greater responsibility than to simply give a glimpse into the story line of a drama serial. They compress the emotional turmoil found within the serial and present it in a lyrical way. Here’s our pick of the favorites from year 2019:


While Affan Waheed stole our hearts with his role of an extremely supportive husband, Nabeel Shaukat along with the melodious Aima Baig had us absolutely mesmerized with “Do Bol’s” surreal OST.

The heart break and sorrow evident from Hira Mani’s character is accurately reflected in the voice of Aima Baig. Likewise, Nabeel Shaukat, the winner of “Sur Kashetra” , won our hearts yet again with his appealing voice. Garnering more than 26 million views, the OST was appreciated all over India along with Pakistan.


The ride alongside Bhola’s emotional life and Noori’s silent fight against evil wouldn’t have been the same without the lyrical backdrop by Rahma Ali in collaboration with Muqaddran and Sania (the Bieber sisters) lovely voice texture.

Sami Khan’s lyrics and composition got absolute justice thanks to these young singers and kept us glued to the serial till the very end.


Any person suffering from a heart break would have this song played on repeat in his playlist. Shani Arshad’s melodious voice has us entrapped along with the absolutely heart wrenching lyrics leaving us with misty eyes. One simply cant stop admiring how simply the writer (Sabir Zafar) and then the singer (Shani Arshad) described the heartache of Hannan, whose life got destroyed by the one he loved the most.


Lets admit, we were overjoyed with the announcement of Suno Chanda’s season 2. Even though this season’s OST cover wasn’t very different from the last years one, however there were some beautiful additions that stole our hearts away. We were already a fan of Farhan Saeed’s melodious voice, which when coupled with Damia Farooq’s voice and Naveed Naushad’s composition of soulful lyrics, gave us a beautiful song to add to our playlists.

Listen up:


Even more interesting than looking at this beautiful couple perform together in the lead role, is listening to this heart wrenching cry of a woman whose character is wrongly marred by a self absorbed pervert. Written, sung and simultaneously composed by the maestro himself, Sahir Ali Bagga managed to pull off another beautiful OST with his stunning voice.


Another stunner credited to Sahir Ali Bagga, narrates the story of a woman’s struggle in order to observe hijab. Telling the story of her faith in her “Rab Waris” which keeps her going through the problems and accusations by the elite in the society, the OST brilliantly portrays a love story between two people who are immensely different yet struggle through life.

Beautiful composition coupled with mind blowing lyrics and a stunning voice – Can any OST get any better than this?


Probably the most awaited drama serial of the year, and what a stunner it was!

Whether or not Aangan lived up to the hype it created prior to when it got on air, is a debate for another time. What we can agree without arguing upon is that Farhan Saeed and Naveed Naushad did a fabulous job on this OST. This OST to the pre-partition period play managed to gain not only our attention but also our hearts. We just couldn’t stop listening to it!

Gulo Gulzaar:

Narrating a friendship between a narcissist and a simple girl, Gulo Gulzaar has recently gone on air with Kinza Hashmi taking the lead. What stands out however is the stunning voice of Naveed Nashad and Nirmal Roy, singing heart warming lyrics written by Shakeel Sohail.

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